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Modifications from childhood

I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies a lot as a kid. And with age I increasingly ate too many. I wish I could remember the exact time when I turned from a child who eats until satisfied into a teen who eats  way past the boundaries. And why? Of course I evolved into a more emotional person (well, different emotions) and it slowly occurred to me that junk food fixes comfort in a way. But there’s also the addictive chemistry to sugar and processed wheat that keeps the hand reaching for more, overpowering all logic. But why does it take years of growing up for the lightbulb of addiction to turn on?

So this was the recipe on the bottom of the Quaker Oats lid. White sugar, brown sugar, toxic white flour, pesticide-laden oats, abused chicken eggs, sad vanilla, nasty Nestle chocolate chips, scary iodized table salt, and hormone butter. We stored them in a cool retro cookie jar on top of the kitchen heater. And by high school I was eating 10 of them, no exaggeration, like, regular sized cookies. Ugh.

Shift to the happy scene TODAY when I made some, I mean all, modifications to the old favorite. Not at all like before sadly, but we all must let go of things and this is definitely worth the change.

3/4 c gluten free flour mix (mix of light and dark stuff: brown rice and teff to be hearty, arrowroot and tapioca to avoid being a total hippie cookie)

1/4 t baking soda

1/4 t flakey salt

1 c gluten free oats

1/8 c lucuma powder

dash o’ gojis (what the heck)

1/4 roughly chopped mexican cinnamon chocolate

1 t homemade bourbon vanilla extract (ha!)

1 T maple syrup

1 egg

You know the deal. Mix dry. Mix wet. 350* 15 mins. Yowza!

Yours Truly, J.S.

ingredients  mexican chocolat  





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