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Shakshuka and Corn Muffins


I had a protein shake at 5 so I was nervous I wouldn’t want dinner but HA HA HA now it’s 7, things are in the oven, and I’m so excited to sink my teeth into Shakshuka and Corn Muffins! My only concern is did I make it too spicy? I’m such a baby so 1/8t cayenne might have been means to ruin it! (later: it didn’t)

Ok, dig it:

Red Quinoa Corn Muffins

1c cornmeal

1/4c corn flour

1c cooked red quinoa

1T powder

1/2t salt

1c coconut milk

2 eggs

1/4c olive oil

1/2+ c cilantro

1/2t chipotle powder

1. Mix dry

2. Mix wet

3. Mix all together, then quinoa and cilantro

4. Bake for 30 mins at 400* in parchment paper muffin thingies

wet muffins

 empty muffins

Extra Veggie Shakshuka

1T olive oil

1 onion

1-5 garlic (do what you want people)

1 golden bell pepper

1c finely cut kale

1c small florets broccoli

2 14oz cans diced tomatos

2T tomato paste

1t chile powder

1t cumin

1t smoked paprika

pinch cayenne

5-6 eggs




1. Saute onion until soft.

2. Add pepper, broccoli.

3. Add garlic and kale.

4. Add tomatoes, tomato paste and spices, S&P now or later (remember we are obsessed with Maldon finishing salt).

5.  This is where it gets silly. You could simmer it for a bit, then add eggs, cover and simmer for 10-15 mins on stovetop. But I like the idea of baking so I baked it in with the end of the muffins, plus 15 or so, so maybe keep checking it after 20 minutes in there.

And then go make someone get a bottle of organic cabernet sauvignon at the very last minute.


Yours Truly, Jellyflower Sunfish


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