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This evening, with time alone to think, a wave of what can simply be called feeling sorry for myself took me over for a bit. Thoughts summed up as this is not the way it was supposed to go. Four surgeries, too many moves, no job,… Read More

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Day 1 Again

This was my big outing today: the 10 steps out the door and onto the sunny deck! Once I got there I was too tired to stay barely any longer than taking this picture but let me tell you I AM SO HAPPY! Yesterday I… Read More

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Mesquite and Lysine

I usually screw up smoothies because I put too many things in it, trying to drink my supplements, so I’m finally cutting down a little to find the flavor in my breakfast. This morning’s was good enough to share! Lysine Smoothie Water Strawberries Banana Coconut Butter… Read More