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Modifications From Childhood Part II

My dad used to make creamed tuna on rice: a sauce of (I think) milk, white flour, onions, and canned tuna over white rice, with peas of course. I’m sorry Dad if I ever complained about this humble meal because you made it so much but thinking back I loved it! Yum! So yesterday when I got a rare hankering for tuna I knew what to do: attempt a Jellyflower Sunfish version.


Creamed Tuna:

Olive Oil

Most of the can of Coconut Milk

A bit of Tapioca Starch (I’ll try a different gf flour next time just to see the difference)

Whole Red Onion

4 Cloves Garlic

Generous amount of Smoked Paprika



2 Filets of Tuna (Be considerate of what kind and the source! Check out:


Brown Rice Cous Cous

Chicken Broth as the liquid


creamed rice

creamed rice 2

creamed rice 3

creamed rice 4

We had this served with roasted balsamic carrots and watched The Wolf of Wall Street. Terribly long and disturbing movie!

Last fancy meal before surgery! Yours truly, Jellyflower Sunfish


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