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Day 1 Again


This was my big outing today: the 10 steps out the door and onto the sunny deck! Once I got there I was too tired to stay barely any longer than taking this picture but let me tell you I AM SO HAPPY! Yesterday I had my right hip labrum repaired and, fingers crossed tightly and magically, this is the beginning of a more full sense of recovery for realz. The surgery went very well. The remaining tissue was enough to not have to make an IT Band graft, so 10 points to that. And therefore I was not straddled and pulled over a pole (something like this: for as long which saved my back and prevented my vajay jay from going numb for the next month like last time! 10 points to that. AND my Mama Bear is here all the way from Maine and her soothing motherness has obviously been – well there’s nothing like having your mom there when you’re sick or hurt. Countless points to that. NC is here helping me in the middle of the night get on and off the toilet, bless him. Points, points. 40 likes on facebook from people – so kind. 3 bouquets of flowers. Endless glasses of water, cups of tea, and bowls of watermelon.

So, feeling like a lucky ducky.



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  1. mom-o

    So happy I could be there with you! You are a brave one and handled it well. If my being there was comforting to you, that is priceless to me. Eager to see you again soon and in a greater state of good health. Love.

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