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Back from Maine and Goodbye Crutches

What does weening off of crutches mean to me? Full speed ahead to the kitchen! And with less than 3 weeks left of living in our Colorado home (and being on the go more or less for the next 2 months), I couldn’t be more inspired to bake and cook up a storm every day.


There are three tasks:

-Focus on and use up odd ingredients in the fridge and pantry (ex. rock hard dried apricots, 1.5 bag dried coconut, hemp protein powder, ALL the gluten free flours, and funky grains)

-Tackle recipes I’ve been too lazy to take the time in reading how to really do them (ex. chocolate without dates – see below)

-Spend LESS money on groceries! We’re in budget mode people. We were always supposed to be, but now it has become real and in our face that where we’re living August-on is double our present rent, and we’re road tripping all July and have no idea how that’s all going to happen with me being unable to digest BEANS….ugh. But did that stop me from spending $9 on asparagus last night? Granted, I didn’t realize it until she wrung me up but mostly because you gotta eat asparagus.


I’m allowed to walk without crutches now so it is a freakin’ GOOD day. Already life is so much easier, being able to carry things in 2 hands, or even 1 hand is an improvement. I’m using one for longer distances than across the room but that’ll last only a few days. It’ll be a long road to a more complete sense of recovery, but the hardest part is over. Now: strength train like never before, and bake and cook to my heart’s delight.

Raw Chocolate: 2 flavors

1/2c Cacao Butter (or half and half with coconut oil)

2T Maple Syrup (Honey didn’t mix for the first batch)

4t Cacao Powder

Pinch Vanilla-Infused Sea Salt (Or: salt + vanilla bean innards)


1. Goji berries & Finely shredded dried coconut

2. 1/4t Maca & 1/4t Mesquite

3. Freshly grated ginger

Carefully melt cacao butter in a double boiler. Take off heat, stir in sweetener, vanilla bean if using, salt, cacao powder. Divide in 2 bowls if making too I mean 2 flavors. Then do your thing. I used  little peanut butter cup shaped molds and parchment cups here, but you can do anything. Pour in the liquid chocolate, then refrigerate until you can’t bear it anymore (1-2 hours really). 

And I celebrated walking with getting new walking shoes. They are so funny! I am living the opposite of barefoot runners! My physical therapist said they look silly but when I laid my eyes on a pair I was like “score!”. Magenta and hot pink. The craziest cushion you ever did see, and they’re mine.

Eat chocolate, and be good to your hips.

Yours truly, Jellyflower Sunfish





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