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Moving out

I thought I would be continuing here for travel posts but I remembered my other blog should be continued for this sort of matter. Please follow our adventures at Driving on Jenny’s Pancakes! Here is the link: I started it two years ago when we left Bar Harbor after graduating.

Last night was a little raucous. We moved out of our house and had a going away party at N’s parents apartment. About 25 people came, there were margaritas and burgers and as always Kool and the Gang. Drank too much, but loved every second (worth it once in awhile still), and making sure to fuel up with hot water and lemon, B12, and green & antioxidant-rich smoothie this morning, we more than managed to go back home to clean the toilets, floors, walls, oven, fridge, basement, etc. One final trip to storage and by the afternoon we were DONE. I’ve been exhausted and on and off crabby ever since. Doing all that packing and moving and carrying kicked my butt coming right off of crutches, but I am very proud of myself and it whipped me into better shape.

IMG_0970             IMG_0975




Tonight will be low key and I’ve warned everyone I might let my head fall in the dinner plate. They asked if we should have soup then or a bowl of mashed potatoes or… I don’t think it’ll be comfortable no matter what. Maybe lukewarm macaroni and cheese would be alright (not that I’d get that in a million years) or a pie. In any case, food-face or not, sleep will be long and welcome and tomorrow I have a long list of things to do before we head out.

Please head over now to my other blog! I’m sure it’ll take a few days to post things, as we will be camping and internet-free mostly but read posts on other travels if I can convince you with pictures (although my writing from even a couple years ago makes me cringe. Ex. Notice how many times I say “this”)

I’ll make sure to post another photo here if I do end up falling asleep in my dinner.




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